It’s OK. I’m Here.

This morning, around 6am, while I was getting ready to leave for work, I heard Henry rushing down the hallway saying, ANNA’S CALLING FOR ME! I HAVE TO GO HELP HER. I trailed him into her bedroom, and watched him crawl into her bed where she was sitting there upset, and fold her in for a snuggle. He kept saying to her, IT’S OK. I’M HERE. I’M HERE.
When she wakes up, any time of night or day, she’s taken to calling for ‘MOMMY….DADDY….HENRY…GRANDMA…’ she goes through the list of possible people who will save her from that treacherous sleep.
They stayed like that, him holding and kind of petting her, for a good 4 minutes, which in kid-time is like 6 months. It was amazingly sweet. All day at work I could hear his urgent whispers, IT’S OK. I’M HERE.
So much love. These tiny people are keeping my hope for humanity alive. Frankly, adult humans are kind of a shit show and if you believe the hype of the news, it’s only getting worse. But kids, they’re alright. They just want to take care of each other.
I really hope these kids always use each other for best friends, anchors, rescues. As I moved through my day, I kept imagining them as big kids and grown ups, bailing each other out during breakups, failures…of jail (Anna. My money’s on Anna).
Just this week we’ve started keeping them home from daycare a few days/week with Robb. It’s been going great so far. They historically have been pretty nice to each other (with some exceptionally nice moments, as above), but I anticipate that now that they’re around each other this much more time, they might start fighting more, since they won’t have their classmates to unleash their aggressions on, they’ll probably start fighting more between them. Anna obviously has to have the sweet feeling of human flesh between her teeth now and then, and if Henry’s is the only flesh available, so be it. And Henry will fight to the death for the toy that he just found way under the couch that no one has played with in 2 years but now is his everything. He used to have classmates for that, now he has only his sister.
Bless their little union, with its ups and its downs. They keep talking about how they’re going to marry each other. They both talk a lot about who they’re going to marry. I blame the end of every Disney movie for their infatuation with marriage. We have to tell them that so far in this country it’s not legal for siblings to marry…although since they are of opposite sexes and both white, that may shortly be approved by the impending administration, so they’ll have to wait and see. I guess if I got 2-headed grandkids, it would just be more to love.
Did this post get weird for anyone else? Remember how it started with a precious moment between my kids? Pretend I stopped at that and concluded with something beautiful about how we all have each other’s backs in this crazy world and we’re a tapestry or something.
#tapestry #notincest

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