Staying In is the New Going Out

Imagine it. You enter this space that is open and airy, lit exactly to your liking. The temperature is exactly to your specifications and if there is an errant slight breeze, there are comfy throws dangling enticingly off every surface. If the one you choose has a funky smell, no worries, it’s part of the rustic charm, just choose another. No, not that one. I can see the stain from here. Another.


The food is fun and unpretentious and served creatively, out of the bags and jars it came in. The menu changes daily, and often features crackers and things to dip them in. Who doesn’t love a good thing to dip crackers in? I know I do.

The drinks are plentiful and unique. The bartender also changes the offerings daily and makes some truly creative pairings. On a recent visit, my companions and I were served the last few sips at the bottom of the bottles of two different varietals of wine. How truly splendiferous and spontaneous! On another recent visit (I just cannot get enough of this place) we enjoyed an apple juice and whiskey cocktail blended with some maple syrup. It was…not bad. Always on the menu there are classics like old beer that no one wants nor is certain how long it has been there and vegan milk alternatives.

Speaking of milk alternatives, you simply have to try the desserts! There is always vegan ice cream and it’s usually called “experimental flavor” and is, quite literally, forced down your throat! How delightful! I don’t personally enjoy having two adults stare at me expectantly for my reaction to my dessert, but the thrill of trying to dodge their spoon attacks makes the whole thing rather athletic. And that’s what you want in a dessert.

My favorite thing about this establishment is the dress code. The most formal thing you are allowed to wear is jeans and a t-shirt, but pajamas are strongly preferred. There is a discount if you wear footie pajamas, a hoodie sweatshirt or your nighttime headgear. The cost of the food and drink is so low, with your lazy clothes discount applied, you may end up MAKING money on your visit! Fantastic!

Lastly, there is great entertainment while you drink and dine. Generally there is a Japanese animation television show of some sort quietly blaring in the background, or the soundtrack to a Disney movie playing while the staff hollers the first 6 words of the songs over and over again. There are actual board games to play, if you like, but I prefer the fun of searching for popcorn kernels in the couch cushions or stepping in to keep the staff alive while they ricochet of furniture or try to stuff all the crackers in their mouths so that their brother can’t get any.

If you haven’t visited, “My Basement” yet, you should surely do so in the new year! It’s the town’s best kept secret!

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