This Writer’s Extra Super Powerful Poem About Witnessing the Solar Eclipse

Moon passed before sun.

We stood, mouths agape, watching.

Oh, humans.

Don’t you get it yet?

How very small and temporary we are?

Your shit is not special.

Your crisis not worse.

Your accomplishments not greater.

You are a small blip on an enormous timeline.

You are a freckle on the face of what will be remembered as your civilization.

There are a lot of faces in time, a lot of civilizations.

You might be a major freckle, on this one face.

You might be the freckle that unites all the freckles and makes the face healthier, more beautiful.

Or you might be a cancerous mole.

Don’t be the fucking mole.

Either way, you are small, and the universe across time, is not.

Take peace and humility from that knowledge.

Keep tidy and kind your small corner.

Be honest and real.

Maintain perspective on what could possibly matter.

Also, good God now…

Did you really have to ‘check in’ to the Solar Eclipse from your phones?

Was anyone on Earth, you know, not checked in?

Don’t live your life like everyone is watching, because you know by now,

everyone is as stuck in their own stuff as you are in yours.

We barely look up.

In fact, it’s a surprise that retinal burning from sun exposure was even a risk.

Since all we do is kill our eyes and strain our necks, staring at our phones.

Which are supposed to prove we are important, and not alone…

But kind of just do the opposite.

Well, here I go, dropping too many words about how to not be self-important,

While being self-important.

Hashtag art,

I guess.

The sun is shining today, and I noticed, and I’m glad.

That’s all I know.

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