Life Imitates (f)Art

Recently, our ridiculous, stubborn, funny toddler has become a ridiculous, emphatic, funny child. She still does her share (and a few other kids’ shares, maybe) of running and hiding when asked to do something, and throwing punches when she’s upset by the inequities of life (soup). But more often now she’s explaining in a reasonable way why she feels like she’s been grieved (‘THERE IS SPINACH IN THAT SOUP, PARENTS. ARE YOU LITERALLY  TRYING TO KILL ME?’).


She’s holding her own playing with her brother, and has really good friends at preschool. She’s starting to recognize letters reliably, and is anxious to try to start reading herself. She sings constantly. She’s  SO weird, and wonderful. We’re grateful she’s ours, with all the sugar, spice, and vinegar that makes her, her.  She’s awesome.


Tonight, she was feeling pretty down, with the customary January face full of snot, and we gave her a bath for her to warm up and de-crust. She was lying in the tub, everything submerged but her eyes and nose, her hair flowing around. Robb looked down at her, and he said he almost cried as their eyes met, those sharp eyes staring up from that lovely little face.  And then a hollow noise bounced off the bottom of the tub and a few big bubbles rose, and up she sat, laughing, and laughing, calling herself ‘TOOT MAGGOTS.’ #pastoral


Henry later got up from where we were reading, to go release his own gas elsewhere, away from us. “Well, that’s growth! How chivalrous,” we thought…until he came back in with a fist of triumph in the air, saying I LEVELED UP. #hero

So, those are the updates. Anna is 4, and about 2% less menace-y than she used to be, and they both think farts are hilarious. OK, more accurately, we all think farts are hilarious. My mom used to say, when my sister or I did something unbecoming, “What are you going to do when you go out on a date!? Your dates will think you’re disgusting!”  So, we married and made people who are also disgusting, and don’t seem to mind at all. 😉

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