It’s All Good, We Are Just Mammals

We spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves. We are a species who has the ability, whether it’s useful or not, to reflect on, and keep an account of our existance. So, we know we’ve been doing the same stuff since the beginning of humanity.


We don’t have much else on other mammals. We do have weapons that can keep us at a distance from predators, but we’re still prey, and we know it. We fear loneliness and quiet. We are afraid of the dark, we are always looking for distractions so that we don’t have to focus on fear and  loneliness. We are pack animals, competing for resources.


We are so obviously just mammals, despite the silly human tricks we do every day to celebrate eating, to stay pack leader, to blend in, to keep our coats shiny and unique, to mate.


We are so obviously just mammals. We fear death.  No superior spiritual quest has rid us of that. We’re afraid of every day that brings us from here until then. We have industries and a language built on emphasizing youth. Always looking for someone or something that “makes us feel young again,” because we think younger, more fertile and faster, means less likely to get die, or get eaten.


We are so obviously mammals. We fear loneliness and being seen/standing out from the pack. It makes us feel vulnerable. Even if, in our little corner of the world, our predators are more inclined to harass us than eat us.  We don’t want to be spotted for being edible weirdos.


We are so obviously mammals. Why do we live near water? So we don’t run out of it! We can say it’s for the boat life, but it’s the first thing, for sure.


We are so obviously mammals. Otherwise why would we reproduce? Why would we go through horrifying pain and blood loss and sleeplessness of pregnancy, and then the fear of losing something so precious to us if anything goes wrong? Why would we choose to do all that if we didn’t secretly howl at the moon a little bit, and just HAVE to by our nature? Why would be we be attracted to people who look symmetrical and sturdy if we weren’t subconcsiously assessing how well they wear their genes to pass on to some progeny?


We are so obviously mammals. We’re just trying to get our mate on all the time. We wear lipstick and paint our claws, and wear stylish clothes and spike our hair to draw the opposite sex. Just like peacocks, but with more tweezing.


We are so obviously mammals. We are very protective of our nests, our homes,  our stuff because we fear of not having enough, not having as much. We fear missing out. We fear shortage or absence of achievement, and struggle against it. We will fight and compete, even when we’re very safe and far from living without. We tend to struggle, squirrel away nuts, even when there’s really no struggle to survive on the horizon.


We are so obviously mammals. We like patterns that we can recognize and identify easily so that we don’t feel threatened. We know that we are prey. We are positive that we are prey. So we pick up the big guns and shout loudly and try to box out people who scare us.


We are so obviously mammals. We indulge in all things, because they are easy. We are undisciplined and natural, native beasts. If it tastes good, or feels good, if it dulls the scary feelings of being alone or vulnerable, we will eat it, we will wear it, we will love it and wish it loved us. We take what we want. We think we are sophisticated but all we have done is made eating sexier and made sex like the hunt for food.


Relax. We are just mammals.

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