The “Me” Project, Days 4 & 5

Girls weekend in wine country 4 days into this booze-free challenge. I thought it would be harder than it’s been so far.

I’m well-hydrated, in a good mood, clear-headed, sleeping well. I bought myself a posture support brace thingy, so my back actually feels some small percent better, and it juts my boobs out, so Tammy 1 would approve. Also, so far I haven’t said anything stupid and hurtful to anyone that I’m going to ruminate on for ten years, so not drinking is serving me there, too.

As far as depriving myself of the reliable entertainment of drinking? Or not being fun anymore without booze on board? So far it’s more of a problem for other people than for me. This isn’t really surprising. My husband has never been a drinker, and he’s faced all kinds of accusations of antiestablishment/antisocial behavior for it. When you don’t drink, people either scramble to tell you what you’re missing and call you boring and weird, or scramble to tell you how little they themselves drink or how much they wish they didn’t drink, but you know….

It’s similar to when people learn you follow a plant-based diet. People either tell you you’re missing out on the joys of (meat) life, or they share how little they eat of it, how they totally could be a vegan except for ______ (usually bacon). All of this happens without you asking. Only by declining what’s offered, have you started this whole chain of normal food/drink analysis. 

Robb used to take shots of cranberry juice just to keep up with his band members so he wouldn’t be too much on the outside as they got drunk during and after shows. He’s traveling to China this week, where it’s downright rude not to take the generous boozy offererings of your host until you are fully lubricated. It’s the pastime, it’s the national pleasure, it is WHAT’S DONE. 

We don’t like it when people around us don’t do what’s done. It makes us very uncomfortable and reflect on our own doings, I guess. 

So, aside from the after-school special teaching about peer pressure, I’m doing great so far.

Plus, we went on a gorgeous hike in one of the most beautiful parts of the world today, and that’s not bad for the ‘ol soul. (See pics on Instagram @bigtroubleblog).


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