Sleep, The “Me” Project

I’m one of those flaming idiots who somewhere along the way decided it was a badge of honor or “require less sleep.” The truth is, of course, I require just as much sleep as everyone else, I just take less of it, and then am grouchy and mean and go about my day braining less goodly.

I know. You can’t tell.

I have long worked in medicine and had little kids, both things that pull you from sleep in the AM before the rooster crows, and instead of adjusting to this by going to bed at night in the 9’s or 10’s o’clock, I’ve always gone to bed in the 11’s or later, meaning I generally get somewhere around 5-6 hours/night.

It’s totally FOMO and PHONE-MO’ that are keeping me up. I just made that up and am going to patent it, so back off.

You know what I mean, though. I want to and have to get a bunch of stuff after the kids to bed. Things that are hard to do when they’re awake. Now that they’re older, they’re awake a whopping 14-16 hours/day, so I smoosh all my me time and couple time into the end of my day, and just keep tacking on length to the end, eating into my sleep time.

Sleep has always just seemed so lame to me. Like you need it, you’re better off with more of it, it’s healthy and it ultimately feels good, but….uggggh. It’s the broccoli of activities. That being said, I’m extremely grateful I don’t have trouble going to/staying asleep, other than my own bad habits. I know what a nightmare insomnia and difficulty falling asleep can be.

Since my health and wellness is my priority this year, and I now realize the world won’t crumble if items on my to-do list get pushed back to the next day, I’m going to sleep more. And I’m going to sleep now. Right now. Or, you know, after I finish the laundry and unpack and watch another episode of “Killing Eve.”

Someone teach me about sleep hygiene and cell phones and stuff. Oh! And I got a new posture support pillow I’m excited to try. Gimme all your good sleep advice. I’m a novice.


    1. Post

      These are all great tips. The clean sheet thing absolutely does wonders. I’ve also read that making the bed, so that you have to turn it down when you get in it at night, makes a difference? Maybe just bc it’s ‘fresh’ feeling?

  1. Rebecca

    Blackout curtains, blue blocker glasses if you’re going to be in front of a screen after the sun goes down, melatonin for the times when sleep just isn’t coming, cool temp in the bedroom, stick to a schedule.

    Sometimes when my life feels like it’s falling apart, I can always count on good sleep hygiene to pull me through.

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