WordPress, How Could YOU?

Not a big deal, but computers freak me out and this particular program has always been an especially big thorn to me. I lost ability to post pictures a while back and despite all our very sophisticated software-y efforts to get it back, nothing worked. Then I just sort of PEEKED at updates for my theme (it’s a thing) and it kersplatted. Someone with more ‘puter knowledge than me at least was able to get me back up and running enough to get most of my content back- through a week ago‚Ķ..so days 13-18 of my Me Project are gone, but that’s ok, that’s the perk of doing a whole year of work and writing, there will be many more.

ANYWAY- find all content now HERE. I’ll keep posting a little here with links to THERE until we’re all caught up. Advantage to Medium is I can post pictures and my computer is way less likely to get punched by me. Eventually we’ll figure out how to link my full site name to that account but for now my brains hurt.

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